Visionary Drawing Building
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Visionary Drawing Building
is funded in part by the Joan Mitchell Foundation.


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The project seeks to represent a multiplicity in concept and vision, fantasy and innovation. Originally produced in book format, the work was initially situated for display adjacent to an architectural incursion (by Matt Bua) into a museum, functioning as an independent, portable archive.

For, drawing is of primary interest, and can include notation or diagram as long as the format (information table) is maintained.


Visionary Drawing Building is concentrated on un-built (impossible or speculative) structures that exist on paper. This project began with an invitation to a wide range of participants, including artist, designers and architects of renown, as well as those presenting ideas for the first time. The archive will reveal an array of works that convey alternatives, byproducts, expansions or critiques of one’s environment: it will highlight many visions that exist outside of established channels of production, and conventions of design.

Published October 2012
Designed by Jessica Fleischmann / still room
with Christopher Morabito and Paul Colley

Architectural Inventions by Matt Bua and Maximilian Goldfarb MORE INFORMATION >>


Project conceiveD by Matt Bua and Max Goldfarb
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